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recording 1 - $4.99

This is a powerful introduction to an even more powerful seminar where we will look at success in more detail. We'll find what's in your way that you don't even realize. Most importantly, we'll find what you can do about it.

recording 4 - $49.95

Find out what the correct reason for your success is, the one thing you need to recover, who your enemy is, and much more amazing data. Don't miss it!

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recording 7 - $49.95

What generates knowledge? How can you ensure that you'll control something? What is the main reason you lose money? Look at all this and more in this recording.

Success Formula part 2.png

recording 2 - $49.95

In this next lesson we'll look at what eats your energy, how to ensure success, why people have problems, when you start thinking and so much more.

Success Formula part 5.png

recording 5 - $49.95

Here Meir goes over what stops you from acting, how the truth is actually created, what is crucial to success, are people good or bad, and so much more!

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recording 8 - $49.95

Look at when you act best, the good versus bad in a person, what limits you, the relation between success and what you have, along with lots more! 

Success Formula part 3.png

recording 3 - $49.95

Take a look at when your problems will disappear, how talents are made, how to use that power in your life, how to know if something contains a lie, and lots lots more. 

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recording 6 - $49.95

This recording looks at what will happen if you leave things uncontrolled, what defines your net worth, the relationship between ethics and money flow, and more!

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recording 9 - $49.95

Fully understand when failure happens, how you can make income inevitable, what the most important decision is, are you cause or effect, and a great deal more!

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recording 10 - $49.95

In this lesson we'll look at the biggest decision in the universe, the real source of energy, how organization can help you with knowledge, plus lots more. 



What You'll learn


🥇What do you know about success?
🤔Is quality or quantity more important?
⚡Do you need energy for success?

👁What does your viewpoint determine?

📉Learn why all your attempts are failing.

💪How powerful are you really?
❓Why are you useless in an area?

🌪Find out why you get difficulties.
🤨What’s in the middle of know and don’t know?
💭How is thinking different than you thought?
⏳How to handle procrastination.

🤷‍♀️Does the past help you?
⛓The trap you fall in.
⌚How long is your present time?

And lots more!


🤔What does it mean when things are simple?
🧠Find out what you need to know.
📈The correct reason for your success.
📦The one thing you need to recover.
💪What happens when you need effort?
📏Learn what the measuring tool for knowing is.
❌Who is your enemy?
❔What is going on when you can't control something?
❗How to handle procrastination.
👆The one thing you think about.
📉Find out the opposite of success.
🎯What's the only ability you need?
👩‍🏫The difference between criticizing and teaching.

And much more!


🛑What stops you from understanding ideas?
❌Find out how you block yourself from what you want.
❔What do you do if you don't know?
⚡What do powerful people do?
🙈Understand what happens when you can't see.
💪What will ensure that you can control something?
🗣Find out what the past tells you.
🤨How do people get stuck in the past?
✋What limitations do you have?
🥇Ensure you will become successful.
⚖Are people good or bad?
👀Why can't you see the other side?
📉The main reason you lose money.
🌊How do particles flow best?
And more!


❌What does a failure tell you?
📈Find out what immediately improves a situation
🏆How to ensure success.
💡Can the past give you an answer for today?
🔗Why do people have problems?
🌟The common denominator in what you're good at.
🍀What is beginners luck?
🤔Do people invalidate themselves?
🌌Look at the spiritual universe.
🧠Who already knows?
🤝How to improve your understanding.
👵Why do people get old?
❓What stops you from acting?
🌍This universe composed of what?
⚡What eats your energy?

Plus much more!


📖How would you define success?
🤔What's the common denominator between your mistakes and your successes?
❓The result of not knowing.
📊How do you know if something is good or bad?
🌟The relationship between thinking and being spiritual.
👟What do you get when you stop acting?
🛑What stops you from acting?
🗣How is the truth created?
⚖Are people good or bad?
📉What prevents results?
🤐What leads to lack of communication?
📃How important is organization?
🏆What is crucial to success?
And lots more!


💪Which ability do you need to have?
🔗What is your main problem?
📈Do people improve?
❓How do you know you are solving the wrong problem?
🛑What holds you back?
✋Find out what you do when you don't act.
🧠How do you know that you know?
🌟When do you act best?
⌚Know when you are stuck in the past.
❔What are the characteristics of the real solution?
🤐The action you do secretly.
📊The good vs bad in a person.
🙈Understand what stops you from seeing the other side.
🧱What limits you?
And lots more!


🎯Learn how a talent is made.
📊Do people have more abilities or results?
❓Can people lose their abilities?
🧠What is the opposite of knowing?
💪Why won't you act?
🤝How do thinking and control affect each other?
🏹What to know when someone is attacking you.
💭Find out what everyone always thinks about.
🎆Where do you have to be to create?
🤨How does experience actually harm you?
🌍The most important lesson in life.
🤥How to know if something contains a lie.
And so much more!


👆The number one difference between people.
📖The importance of defining words.
💭How do ideas get communicated?
📈What will cause improvement?
💪Look at the relationship between decisions and effort.
🌪What happens if you leave things uncontrolled?
🧠Why do people start to think?
👩‍🏫Find out why history repeats itself.
🤨What happens if you don't create?
💵Is money the source of all evil?
🌟What will take you to the stars?
⌚The relationship between present time and the future.
🌍Learn how you can be above the physical universe.
💰What defines your net worth?

And so much more!


📉When does failure happen?
🛑What stops you from enjoying something?
🔁Understand the cycle.
💵Make income inevitable.
🌌Does the universe expand or contract?
💰The relationship between income and control.
🤔Are you cause or effect?
❓What is the most important decision?
🔗How much effort does postulates take?
🎳Why do you play?
🧱Who has the biggest barriers?
📑How do you define your purpose?
🥇The prerequisite for success?
🤨Who is your worst enemy?
And lots more!


📉When do you fail?
🩹Find out those things that hurt you.
💪Learn what control means.
🛑What stops you from being able to give orders?
🧠Learn what you do when you make a decision.
🤹‍♀️Can you multi task?
🌟How alive are you?
❓When do you decide that you want to be controlled?
🎆Who creates your future?
✋The thing that stops you from making a decision.
💵Create more income.
⚡Find out the real source of energy.
🌌The biggest decision in the universe.
🏆Ensure your success.
Plus much more!