10 programs that guarantee your income & success

starting june 17, 2021

6pm est

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By the end of each lesson, you will be certain of your ability to apply the fundamentals you learned

in real life and bring about success.


If for any reason you feel you did not achieve that result, you can ask for your money back and you will get your money back for that lesson.

the 10 programs
(and what's in it for you)

The Gold Mind
Your state of mind and your bank statement are directly connected. Learn how to control your state of mind, and by that remove the mental blocks between you and your income.
Making a Knight
Sell your way through to realizing your potential. Plus a specialized shortcut to the famous 10,000 hour rule that, in just 2-3 hours, will teach you to sell your way out of any situation.
The Magic Potion
With The Magic Potion, you not only will become the hottest ticket in town, but once you know it, you will understand what is missing in every other unsuccessful business and group.
The Laws of (Money) Attraction
Money has an emotion. In this program, you will understand the emotion of money, and the magic is… you will no longer need to make money…. you will have money.
Establish the Financial Fortress
Money has a tendency to flow to secure places. By the end of this program, you will build the fortress for your money, a secure money home, so money will flow toward you.
Money Ball

Money can be worse than a roller-coaster, but only for as long as you don’t control it…

The Money Ball will put you in control over your future, and it will be the ride of your life.

Your Throne - Sources of Income
The problem is never scarcity of income, it is blindness to sources of income.
This program will seat you at your throne – and what you will see from there is rivers of income.
Foundation - Business Edge
By this program, you will never worry about money again since this program will teach you how to create the most effective team that will ensure your foundation is made for money.
The Iron Dome

The results of the programs above will be success, and one of the signs of success is attacks. This program contains a bulletproof system against the inevitable attacks.

The Great Harvest

While you would expect the Great Harvest to be what’s in it for you… You will discover that the biggest harvest of them all is how you can truly help... and, surprise surprise, by that how you truly thrive.

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About The Fundamentals, From Gal:

Meir & Gal - What To Expect!


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With years of learning through growing up with Meir, to years of experience building businesses from scratch on his own, Gal Ezra has created success from a young age across multiple fields, and has coached clients and delivered seminars to hundreds of people. Leading the Fundamentals program, you will enjoy every minute with Gal, his energy, and his unique way of delivering powerful concepts.



Gal's approach to business and relationships is unparalleled. His ability to convey a clear message across to his audience is contagious and leaves me feeling powerful, yet capable to embrace and tackle my relationships and business with confidence.


Gal is a relationship extraordinaire.


He’s helped me tremendously with my personal relationships with my friends, family, self, and most importantly, women!

He’s a terrific person with life changing advice that can truly help you create fantastic relationships.


Gal has an innate ability to familiarize himself with the needs of others and cater to those needs by adding value merely by being his honest self and is extremely easy to get along with.


Because of his raw, vulnerable and true nature, every person can take something valuable away from each interaction with him.  He is a great friend to have in your circle.

A Few Subjects You Will Learn...


How and why your state of mind defines your bank statement, and the way to control it.


The most important potion you need to sprinkle in your business for growth.


The fundamentals of being a salesperson that closes deals consistently and reliably.


How to defend your business and life against attacks in order to ensure growth.


Income sources:  which to focus on, when, and how to grow your income sources...


(the price increases on june 18!)

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